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Greetings! My name is Andy, and as the founder of Saltwater Sunsets Travel, I offer you the luxury of time. Is there anything more valuable, yet impossible to create? We understand its worth, which is why our commitment is to help you reclaim it. We meticulously handle the research, planning, booking, and monitoring of your leisure travel arrangements, liberating you from the tedious process.

Proudly standing as a Veteran-owned boutique travel agency, our expertise revolves around Caribbean cruises, All-Inclusive Caribbean island resort getaways, and comprehensive stays in Mexico. Unpredictable events can often disrupt the best-laid plans. In such situations, we step in as your staunch advocate, negotiating and communicating with our travel partners on your behalf.

At Saltwater Sunsets Travel, we hold a firm belief that your vacation should be an escape from stress, not a source of it. Our aim is to simplify your journey, leaving you with one enjoyable task – to pack and depart on your adventure

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My Story

With a deep-seated passion for travel, my journey began in northeast Indiana, a place that offered limited opportunities for travel during my childhood. My yearning for exploration led me to enlist in the United States Army in 2001, a decision that landed me in the cultural heart of Heidelberg, Germany. From this European hub, I delved into an array of cultures, tantalizing local cuisines, and marveled at places I'd previously only imagined through books and TV. By 2005, I'd explored nearly two-thirds of Europe's diverse countries.

Upon leaving Germany, I transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas, continuing my military service. It was from here that I was deployed to Iraq, returning only in late 2006. In early 2007, I completed my military service, yet the call to serve my community persisted. Settling in Manhattan, Kansas, I found a new calling as a first responder, a role I've dedicated 15 years to so far.

It was in Manhattan that I met my wife and discovered the exhilarating world of cruising. The prospect of sailing the Ocean, docking at various Caribbean ports on a luxurious floating hotel, captivated me. The myriad experiences from sampling local delicacies, absorbing historic architecture, swimming with stingrays, to onboard entertainments like Broadway performances, comedy shows, and veteran meetups, offered a myriad of possibilities.

The pandemic, however, called for a pause in our cruising adventures, presenting an opportunity to explore All-inclusive resorts in Mexico. This downtime also facilitated a personal milestone, allowing me to visit the iconic Mayan city of Chichen Itza, ticking off a significant entry on my bucket list.

With my personal love for travel and the joy I found in crafting family trips, I felt compelled to assist others in experiencing the same exhilaration and achieving their own travel aspirations. This led to my transition into the travel industry in 2021, embracing a flexible work-from-home or on-the-road lifestyle.

Guided by my mentor, travel industry expert Cyndi Williams, I successfully completed her comprehensive courses and became a certified Travel Advisor. Continuously enhancing my expertise through various supplier certifications, I specialize in cruises due to my passion for the Caribbean.

While focusing on this niche, I hold a long-term vision to expand my team of Travel Advisors, integrating specialists in diverse global destinations to cater to a broader client base.

If my travel ethos resonates with you and a trip to the Caribbean is on your horizon, I welcome you to connect with me!




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